Saturday, 31 March 2012

Amazing typographic digital art by James Koehnline

James Koehnline is a collage artist whose work has graced many periodicals & books as well as music CDs; has co-edited a number of books. He designs and edits the yearly Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints which is also is the thematic core for the Daily Bleed Calendar (now online for some 7+ years); currently resides in Seattle, Washington, worked for some years at Recollection Used Books. I posted his works on Google Plus  Feb 17, 2012 in this Post.

James Koehnline - Literature 7

James about himself:
James was born in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 6, 1955. My family moved to Chicago area in 1970, where I began to think of myself as an artist. Inherited my father's love of surrealism, fantastic art, William Blake, science fiction, etc., to which I added psychedelia, anarchism, sound collage, Eastern philosophy, etc.

In 1991, my girlfriend (now my wife), Andrea Frank and I moved to Seattle for a change of scenery. Here I got started doing book and magazine covers and illustrations, cooking up the Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints, working with Antero Alli on his quarterly journal of imaginative trouble, Talking Raven, doing a continuing series of CD covers for various projects of Bill Laswell's, and trying to make ends meet by dealing in used books and painting houses. In 1995 I got a computer and started working in Photoshop.

Check out the website of the artist!

James Koehnline - Facebook

James Koehnline - Literature 2

James Koehnline - One More Bach Variation

James Koehnline - Drowning words

James Koehnline - Singularity 3

James Koehnline - Literature 4

James Koehnline - Light at the end

James Koehnline - Literature 1

James Koehnline - Literature 5

James Koehnline - Literature 3

James Koehnline - Apologia 2

James Koehnline - Literature 8

James Koehnline - Literature 6

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