Monday, 19 March 2012

Up close and ........... colorful

Tomas Rak, Slovakian guy in London, 29 years old and a man who makes wonderful pictures of insects. This is one of my most re-shared posts on Google plus. That is even more remarkable, because I posted it when Google Plus was still a baby! I only had a few followers back then. I posted this subject on Google Plus on Sep 14, 2011 Post

Metalic damselfly (Calopteryx splendens) male by Tomas Rak

Getting personal is something most of us rather not do with insects. A lot of people are afraid of them or hate them. If we would bother to take a closer look, we might see the beauty they have and the amazing colors.
Tomas Rak does take a closer look and makes stunning photos of insects.

If you want to see more amazing photos by Tomas Rak, check out his 500XP-account ! 

Tomas writes on his 500XP-account:
Name: Tomas Rak
Biography: Hello guys, Slovakian guy in London, 29 years old.
I am doing photography for maybe 7 years. Most of my work is macro and micro. I like wildlife as well. And I love photoshop, so lots of my photos are strongly postprocessed :) I am trying to keep my eyes open for nice details...

Sapphire bulldozer (Anoplotrupes stercorosus) by Tomas Rak

Little metalic wasp by Tomas Rak

Fire eyed Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) by Tomas Rak

Photo by Tomas Rak

From the dark (Phidippus audax) by Tomas Rak

Saitis Barbipes portrait by Tomas Rak

Biting blackfly (Simuliidae) male by Tomas Rak

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